New Note Poetry is an online poetry magazine that features only the freshest poets and their verses.


New Note Poetry started as the brainchild of writer, educator, and poetry lover Nathan Nicolau. One day, while listening to Blue Note jazz records and admiring their sound and album artwork, an idea dawned on him: What if I could do this but with poetry?

Thus, New Note Poetry was born. We aim to do for poetry what Blue Note did for jazz: present new, genre-breaking artists while also fostering a high-quality brand.

Since poetry has been around since the dawn of language, it is too easy to say that everything has already been done. We believe that there is always a chance to add a new note to poetry, to keep it moving forward while leaving a mark.

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Founder/Chief Editor

Nathan Nicolau is a writer based in Charlotte, NC. An avid poetry lover (on top of being a poet himself), he firmly believes in a poem's ability to inspire. His work has been featured in numerous websites and magazines such as South Florida Poetry Journal and Beyond Words Literary Magazine. He received his English M.A. at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. His favorite poets include Frank O’Hara, William Blake, Langston Hughes, Rumi, Edgar Allen Poe, E.E. Cummings, Basho, Elizabeth Alexander, and Mary Oliver.