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Announcing our first print anthology

It's with great excitement that we announce our first-ever print anthology (hopefully) coming in late March. This is another big step for us wanting to be at the forefront of modern, experimental poetry. This anthology covers all four issues in 2022. Don't think of it as a "best of." Every poem we put in our magazine deserves that title. Instead, think of this book as a sampler of our editorial mission: "poetry is the jazz of the written word."

Here's the blurb so far:

"This end-of-year print anthology compiles 80 cutting-edge poems from all four of New Note's 2022 issues with exclusive commentary from award-winning poets and new trailblazers alike. For those craving experimental poetry from a wide, diverse range of voices, look no further."

Let us tell you, the commentary we've been compiling from the selected poets is worth the price of the book! Speaking of which, we're planning on pricing the 200-page book at $15. Since we want to be a nonprofit, we'll count all sales as a donation towards keeping New Note Poetry alive. Our team isn't interested in pocketing money, anyway.

More details will come as we work out which best printer/publisher to use. Until then, be sure to submit for our Spring 2023 issue if you haven't already.

You know the website.

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