Thank you for your interest in submitting your work to New Note Poetry. All submissions should be submitted through Submittable. Our submission calendar is as follows:

  • Winter: 

    • ​Subs Open: November

    • Subs Decided: December

  • Spring: 

    • ​Subs Open: February

    • Subs Decided: March

  • Summer: 

    • ​Subs Open: May

    • Subs Decided: June

  • Fall: 

    • ​Subs Open: August​​

    • Subs Decided: September

Below are our submission criteria. Please read them carefully. Failure to follow any of these guidelines will result in an instant rejection. We do not and never will charge a fee. To submit, click on the "Click here to submit" button below:

Submission Guidelines

What We Publish: Poetry only. We believe that poetry is the jazz of the written word. Therefore, we are open to all styles except for metered rhyme or epic poems. We will reject those outright. We're not saying that kind of poetry is bad, but there is plenty of that out there. We seek fresh voices with unique perspectives. We want to see poets who break the mold and play with language, poetic form, and themes. We love the experimental and avant-garde but we also appreciate seeing modern deconstructions of classic poetic forms. No subject or theme is too far-fetched for us. Go wild. We are not keen on flowery, cute, or mushy, romantic stuff. Poems in English only, please. We are open to translated work.

What We Don't Publish: Anything that is not poetry and anything that is discriminatory towards any person or group (we don't need to tell you what constitutes). We also do not publish poetry that glorifies self-harm, suicide, or substance abuse. Swearing and sexual references are okay, but be tasteful about it. Don't shock and offend for the sake of it.

What We Can and Cannot Do: As much as we would love to, we cannot give feedback on every submission. If accepted for publication, we will send a proof copy of the issue for corrections, but we cannot accept new drafts. Our magazine is not a paying market, but we will heavily promote you and your work if you are accepted for publication.

  • Submit 1-5 unpublished poems in a single .doc or .docx file with each poem on a new page.

  • Please allow us up to 2 weeks to review your submission.

  • There is no need to follow up with us about your submission. We respond promptly.

  • We allow simultaneous submissions. Please notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere. We retain First North American serial rights. All rights revert back to the author after publication.

  • Do not submit revisions of previously declined poems.

  • Send us a brief cover letter explaining who you are as well as a short bio in the third person.

  • If you have been previously published in our magazine, please wait six months before submitting again.

  • Only send us your best!

By submitting to us, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • You are the original author of your work and hold the necessary rights.

  • Your work will be in an online-only magazine with no widespread physical release (unless otherwise noted).

  • Your author bio will be subject to our in-house style.